Monday, 17 December 2012

U-Kare - the most widely used reversible contraceptive method

One of the flip sides of getting into a relationship, whether legitimate or illegitimate is the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy can be of two types. However, without getting into the more controversial type of the unwanted pregnancy, it would be wise to concentrate on a pregnancy that is still within the realms of the legitimacy that society recognizes.

In spite of an institutionalized relationship, there are certain other constraints that a couple will have to consider when they are expecting to start a family or to have an extension to their family. In a country like India, there are a lot of factors that contribute to contraception. There are reasons pertaining to economic conditions of the family. This is one of the prime factors that contribute to a continued need for contraception. However, it is so ironical that the poorer sections of the society welcome new additions to the family more whole- heartedly than the ones who are better off economically.

Talking of contraception that is used in countries like India, where the society is pre dominantly male dominated, the most popular and widespread form of contraception is the male condom. However, the condoms that are used by males have their own downsides. One of the premier disadvantages is the rupturing of the material. Although the material is tested thoroughly, there are rare chances of the condom developing a hole that can allow the sperm to fertilize an egg in the ovary.

Vasectomy by males is a method that is not widely accepted means of contraception due to a whole lot of social stigma attached to the procedure and hence it is carried out with a promise of obscurity and secrecy. In such a case, it is left to the female in the relationship to take the decision to use a contraceptive that is not only safe and foolproof but also reversible.

U-Kare is by far the best option for such couples. This is because of the many advantages that it has over the other methods of contraception that are discussed above. The IUD is an effective method of contraception because of the many advantages that it has. Starting from being convenient to use to being economical in the long run, although the immediate cost could be reasonably high.  Another major advantage that the IUD has is that once placed securely in the uterus of the woman, it remains in place for the full duration of ten years as long as it is not expelled by the body in the initial stages of insertion.

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