Sunday, 30 December 2012

U-Kare contraceptives in India

When it comes to contraceptives, there is one name that comes to the mind because of the company’s relentless and untiring efforts in the field of population and birth control. The name DKT India has over the years become synonymous with birth control. You can see a variety of products that we have in the market, which ranges from male condoms to oral contraceptive pills and injectable contraceptives to intra uterine devices.

Dkt India has been active in the business of birth control since the year 1988 when we started operations in just two states of India, Gujarat and Maharashtra. However, we have spread their reach to almost all the corners of the country within the last twenty plus years that we have been active in India. We have a range of products in the intrauterine or the IUD segment which helps us target the different types of women in the society. After all, we know that no two women are exactly alike in their preferences as well their physical structures.

U Kare is a range of products that have a unique set of features which are higher rates of compliance, which makes it a device that has a lower rate of expulsion when compared to other products that are available in the market.

It is because of this low rate of expulsion and combined with higher rates of compliance to standards as well as the physical health of the user that makes it one of the most preferred devices of contraception that can be used by women across all age groups and physical characteristics. In fact, we have seen that the U Kare product range is also well suited to nulliparous women, who may have a smaller vaginal cavity that makes it difficult for insertion of other IUDs that are available in the market.

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