Tuesday, 25 December 2012

U-Kare for the young woman in you / U-Kare for every woman

One of the worst things that can happen to any new product that is introduced in the market or may have been around for many years is the existence of an unlimited source of misconceptions and misunderstandings that keep doing the rounds. It is the same with the Intrauterine device or the IUD. One of the earlier models, the Dalkon Shield, which was introduced in the market, had to be taken off the market by the manufacturers within three to four years of its introduction in the market. One of the reasons that contributed to the downfall of the first IUD was the higher incidence of deaths due to septic miscarriages.

However, the new age IUD is something that has all the right reasons for women all over the world to reinstate their faith in the IUD. Some of the reasons that can score well for the IUD with regards to women across all ages are enumerated below:

  • The IUD is a one-time insertion remedy as against the birth control pill that has to be taken at the same time every day.  Nor does it have to be put in like some other forms of contraceptives. Once successfully inserted and the initial precautions taken care of, it can remain in place for a maximum of ten years. Although the initial cost of the operation and the device itself is high, the investment seems worthwhile because of the time that it remains inside the uterus.
  • The IUD it seems, is the best form of contraception because it is simple to use, long lasting, free of hormones, economical and last but not the least is reversible. In fact, the IUD is a contraceptive device that has its own set of advantages for women that are in different age groups and in different stages of life with their own unique set of challenges that come up at those stages in life.
  • For the women in their thirties, with their lives revolving around their careers and making a mark in the world, they do not have the time to pop the pills at the same time every day. For such women, the IUD is more than a convenience. It is something that they can have inserted and then forget it for the next 5 or 10 years.
  • For women in their forties, after they have settled down and family life is on auto pilot with life settled to a steady and regular pace, they can have the IUD inserted and forget the worrying till they attain menopause. Although there are chances as well as documented evidences of women delivering a child even at the age of sixty, these instances are rare. Hence, the IUD is a device that is of the utmost convenience to women of all age groups and all stages of life.

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