Saturday, 26 January 2013

IUDs and women healthcare

An IUD is a small device made of plastic which is shaped like the letter ‘T’ which has a tail made of a monofilament. This device is inserted into the uterus of the woman by either a doctor or a health care professional in the setting of an office. This device is placed such that it rests with the arms expanded across the uterus and the base of the T hanging just above the cervix. A short piece of string made of monofilament which is attached to the IUD hangs from the cervix into the vagina.

The copper wire that is wrapped around the arms of the T kills the sperms on contact. However, though the exact working of the IUD is a mystery, it is a well known fact that copper is a metal that has been known to cause an inflammation in the walls of the uterus. This activates the white blood cells which attack the sperms taking them to be intruders to the system and kill them on contact.

In spite of the fact that this device works on cue without needing any intervention on the part of the woman and also that it has a better rate of effectiveness when compared to other methods of contraception,    there are many factors that have worked against this device that has not just the better rate of success but also is very cost effective in the long run since it doesn’t need frequent refills or changes which is seen in other methods of contraceptives used by women.

Apart from the above features, there are other advantages that are related to the health of the woman using this contraceptive device. One of the most important advantages is that she doesn’t have to remember to repeat the same action at a specific time on a daily basis, like the pills. Secondly, it is proven to be safe to be used when she maybe using a tampon or even during sex. Another advantage is that neither she or nor her partner feel the string that hangs from the vagina and so don’t feel irritated during the actual act of indulging in sex.

And last but not the least, the copper IUD has been known to be totally harmless to the average woman unless she is allergic to copper. Thus, it can be seen that the IUD is the best options when it comes to contraception.

Friday, 25 January 2013

U-Kare: Less Pain. No Strain. Protection For 3 to 5 years

Whether it is the question of a fuller sex life without complications in the future or a more holistic approach towards postponing the evident joys of marital bliss, you should consider the options that are available to you as a woman who has to balance work life with personal life and then another big step into the next stage of life, that of becoming a mother with the utmost care and investing a considerable amount of thought and planning into the decision.

In the process of choosing the right kind of contraceptive, you are advised to consult your doctor or your healthcare giver when it comes to choosing the kind of method that will suit your lifestyle as well as personality. With personality would be included even the lifestyle that she is accustomed to. This means that if you are the kind of person that keeps forgetting things or is badly organized, it would be advisable for such a woman to go for the IUD, which needs absolutely zero maintenance once the initial phase is passed.

In view of the above facets of this IUD, we can confidently say that the newer sleeker version of U kare IUDs give less pain which in turn lends better concentration on other things in life and thus can be termed as more advantageous.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

U-Kare 375 Sleek: Painless protection for 5 years

When it comes to choosing a contraceptive there are many things that you should consider. Not just things like the features of the product but also your own convenience and what is the best thing that you want from your choice of the IUD that you will spend the next five years with.

It calls for a look at the features that are peculiar to this product and which make it a solution with the least hassles to put your effort of pushing the childbirth further on ‘autopilot’. This is possible because of low chances of expulsion which is possible because of its sleek design.

Another most important feature of this product is that the women do not complain as much pain as in other IUDs, which results in lesser instances of removal before the full term that the device is supposed to be there in the uterus which is five years for the sleek. Bleeding which is another cause for concern in other IUDs is also reduced to the minimal, which makes it a favoured choice amongst the IUDs.

Last but not the least this model is favourable to both parous as well as nulliparous women. This is evident from the results that were taken from a survey in the years 2001

Monday, 21 January 2013

U-Kare 250: A Better Option for a Better Life

A  better life. This is what each and every one of us seeks, whether we are from the affluent societies or the sustenance economies. Even on an individual and family level, this idiom ‘live a better life’ is the driving force behind all the economic and other aspects that we are so worried about on an everyday basis.

An aspect that is known to be the starting point of all the challenges in life that is distributed in stages, sometimes air tight and sometimes overlapping is the institution of marriage. It is this stage that two individuals are thrown together whether by choice or as a result of pre design (by elders/ arranged). Whatever the start, it is deemed that the partners respect each other’s needs, likes and dislikes in their quest to achieve the good life together.

One of the aspects that these two people have to decide upon is that of the addition(s) to the family and when they want it. The logical next step in that direction would be the choice of a contraceptive that suits their collective as well as individual personalities. In that aspect, the U Kare 250 is a choice that could earn all the brownie points.

Some of the reasons that tilt the balance in favor of U Kare 250 are the safety and effectiveness that this product commands. With a pearl index of just 1.7, it is considered to be one of the safest of the intrauterine devices that are available in the market. Another aspect that promises to be beneficial to the woman using it is that it has been known to have a lower incidence of menstrual bleeding being heavy when compared to models that are available in the market.

With this background, there is no denying the fact that the Kare 250 is one of the better options that you could choose when it comes to living a better life for yourselves as well as your future offspring.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

U-Kare 375: For those who know how to enjoy the pleasure with protection

Love making, sex or intercourse, whatever the terms that you use for the action defines the personality that you have deep within you. However, if your woman is precious to you, it will serve in your best interests to take care of her, not just in the superficial sense of the word, but also in everything that you get her or even what she asks of you.

It is common knowledge that females make their choices in ways that are radically different from the way men seem to decide which woman they want or also in the ways that they shower their love on the female. However radical it may seem, there is something that can decidedly draw her closer to you, when you are fully receptive to what she wants not just from you when it comes to the obvious, but also in aspects that she may expect you to understand and to read between the lines.

One of the aspects where you as the man in the relationship is expected to have a deeper understanding is the choice of the method of contraceptive that she will also approve of. For starters, if you have the same outlook on the fine nuances of love making and can decide on the same form of contraceptive, preferably what she chooses, it will be one of the best gifts you would have given her. In that case, Kare 375 is an IUD that will not just serve its immediate purpose but also serve as a aphrodisiac of sorts.

After all, what better way and what greater pleasure to reach the heights of passion on a daily basis than to have the best of understandings and being in sync with her feelings and desires.  

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

U-Kare and IUDs in a nut shell

Man has been known to master the environs gifted to him since times immemorial. Humans have always strived to grow more and reach out to touch things that are either out of reach of others as well as think of solutions that are above and beyond the obvious. A good example of this could be that when it rains, there are animals that just stand their ground and then there are others which seek shelters. However, man took both these approaches and invented the umbrella. This combines the good of both approaches.

Intrauterine devices are one such out of the box solution which is a part of the whole concept of artificial means to contraception. These devices are used either for preventing or postponing the birth of a child. There may be more than one reason for taking such a decision which could range from social to financial or even physical and mental. An intrauterine device is one of the best means possible that can be used to the end of prevention of birth as well as control of population growth.

Our range of the U Kare intrauterine devices are designed to provide not just the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and spacing  between children but also the level of comfort that women had lost because of the misconceptions that were rampant and which caused many people to shun the whole concept of the intra uterine device in its totality.

The U Kare range of IUDs have different products with different features that make them unique in their own way and yet share the same level of comfort across the entire product range. Whether it is the U Kare 250, U Kare 250 sleek or the U Kare 375 U Kare 375 Sleek  which gives a ten year protection to the woman, they have their own unique set of attributes which make them long lasting and cost effective methods of reversible contraception. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Pros and cons of IUDS

It is an oft made remark that every coin has two sides. And the same is applicable to each and every thing that we can think of. The same can be said of the various methods of contraception that are used by women whether in India or abroad.
We need to see both the sides of the picture that will give us a better understanding and fuller view of the product and its scope as well as pitfalls which will help the millions of women as well as their husbands or partners to understand the product vis-à-vis the need to prevent undesired addition or proper spacing between two children.

One of the first things that comes to the mind when we talk of the intrauterine device is the size and ease of use. Since the times of the Dalkon Shield, IUDs have undergone a lot of changes in design that has helped the IUD to come out of the shadows   and being considered the villain of the contraceptive world to the present day when things are looking bright for the device that has a host of benefits.

The first benefit of using an IUD is that it is a long lasting method for contraception. It starts with a range from a minimum of three years to a maximum of ten years which offsets its high cost at entry which is one factor that turns people away from the IUD.
Another benefit of using the IUD is that it requires the least amount of maintenance or in other words no worrying about ingesting something at the same time every day or changing it on a daily basis as with patches or vaginal sponges.

A third advantage of using the IUD as a method of contraception is that although it can stay in the uterus for the period ranging from three to ten years, it can be removed at any time before the full term and the woman can return to full fertility without any delay.

An important feature of the IUD is that it doesn’t interrupt the joy of intimacy or be a hindrance when having sex. This was one of the concerns though, of many men who opposed the IUD.

Another advantage is that the IUD can be used even by such women who are lactating or in other words have to breast feed their babies.
In view of the above points, it can be seen that the IUD has a host of benefits. However, there are some points that are worth a mention on the flip side of the argument.

One of the first things that works against the IUD is the high cost that the woman has to incur when she opts to have an IUD inserted for contraception

A second cause of worry is that it needs constant checking for the initial period of a few weeks or months because the body can expel the IUD within a few days of it being inserted.
Although this is a highly effective method of contraception, it is not recommended to women who have an allergy to copper, which is a rare case.

Initially there are chances of your periods being longer and heavier than usual. However, it reduces gradually with the passage of time.

One disadvantage could be that you may have to wear a female condom if you or your partner are not in a committed monogamous relationship.

In view of the above, it is always advisable to make the final decision about going for the IUD taking into consideration all the above points and only after consulting your doctor. 

U-Kare for avoiding unplanned pregnancies

There is no denial about the benefits of family planning and specially with the per capita income our country has, smaller the family, the easier it will be to nurture it. A planned family can help a couple to look out for their children and themselves. It is furthermore a benefit for every individual’s health and the complete financial well-being of the collective unit of the family.

Further, the right kind of contraception is not only a part of family planning but the proper access to it also lowers maternal and infant mortality rates. For women, contraception is not just a birth control method but also a health care necessity. It then becomes a responsibility of understanding about contraception and birth control, which is highly uncommon with still prevalent rudimentary ideology among a very huge mass of people.

Sex is the highest taboo for conversations and thus the right knowledge never reaches to millions and millions. DKT India has been able to make a small dent in spreading contraception awareness among people. DKT’s brand of KARE IUDs boasts of being the best possible solution to help curb unplanned pregnancies. Kare IUDs are the best in class birth control methods, by far. While being a long term solution, they are flexible to be a reversible choice and practically without any side effects.

The major force behind the promoting IUDs as an excellent solution for India is a collection of factors that can score well with the masses of India, irrespective of their sex or economical and social background. After all, India though being a land of contrasting diversities is also very much similar when it comes to the social fabric. Whether it is the remotest villages in the foothills of the Himalayas or the southernmost tips of India, the basic mental setup is still a common binding factor.

The IUD has proven itself to be the most beneficial for the woman’s health. This is because of the facts that have helped quell the many misconceptions that were making the rounds not just in India but also the world.In far fledged areas, they don’t have to keep on travelling to the doctor or the health care providers, which is the case when it comes to short term contraceptives. The Kare brand of IUDs come with a minimum period of three to a maximum span of ten years. This combined with the overall cost efficiency has a higher possibility of being successful in India in the years to come.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Question on pregnancy and IUD use

It is said that there is nothing better than giving birth. It is viewed as bringing a new life to this earth. However, the flip side to this action that propagates the furtherance of a species, there are certain factors that also play a vital role. Some factors like the economic considerations and the societal pressures or the environment in which the new born will arrive in.

It is the occurrence of these and many other factors that a newly married couple and more so, the mother to be will have to consider before taking the leap of faith. In this discussion, we will seek to answer most of the questions that arise in the minds of any woman or couple that is planning to raise a family.

One of the foremost questions that comes to the minds of any woman is regarding the kinds of contraceptives that are available in the market that she can use without much fear of being impregnated for a specific period that she chooses.

Of course there are a lot of choices that you can choose from. Some of them being contraceptive pills or the use of condoms, either male or female or vaginal sponges. However, none of the means described have a rate of success that is as high as the intrauterine devices that are available in the market. These intrauterine devices or IUDs have the best rate of success of preventing an unwanted pregnancy, which stands at 99% when compared to other forms of contraception.

Another query that may arise in the minds of the women are about the kind of commitment that is needed if they seek to prevent a pregnancy with IUD.

With all the other devices that are used for contraception, there is a need for human intervention. This merely means that whether you choose to pop the pill or use an injectable contraceptive or try the hormonal patches,  you have to remember to take the pills or remove and replace the patches when the time comes on a daily basis. However, with the IUD in place, you have to just check whether you can feel the string which will assure you that the IUD is in place and is doing what it does best.

A third question that is mostly asked by women is with regards to the partner being bothered with the presence of the IUD during penetration.

This has been proven beyond a shade of doubt that the IUD does not interfere in the act of sex at all. However, if the woman so chooses, she can cut the thread upto some part. Though not fully since it will make it difficult for the doctor or the healthcare worker to remove it when she wants it removed or at the end of the specified period.

A question that is in the minds of many women even now because of widespread rumours spread about the IUD is whether it travels throughout the body and gets lodged in the heart or the brain.

This is the most absurd queries that was floated by the early nay sayers who opposed the IUD. In fact, the IUD has never been seen travelling as far away as the heart or the brain in any of the cases where the woman may have complained of the IUD being not there since the threads could not be felt by her.

Thus, it can be seen that the IUD is one of the safest bets when it comes to prevention of unwanted pregnancies and also when it comes to the question of spacing your children to give them the best of care and attention that they deserve.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reversible Birth Control Methods

A large load is placed on the dwindling natural resources that we have access to when there is an addition in the size of population. This heavy load is further enhanced with the lower rate of mortality, which means that we tend live longer in these post modern times than many of our predecessors. Hence, in order to reduce or at least maintain the pressure without enhancing it further, we have to prevent further additions to the overall population of the earth.

It is in this endeavour that family planning strategies are formulated which will help prevention of births that will introduce extra mouths to feed, on both the micro (individual/family) as well as macro (national and global) level. There are many ways of contraception that are available in the western world. However, not all of them are available in India. One of the reasons that plays an important role in contributing towards this is that the lower rate of literacy as well as dependence of the women on the men to decide on the kind of birth control to be adopted.

When we talk of birth control, we can see that it is almost always the man of the house that decides on the kind of contraception that will be used to that end. Almost always, it is the male condom and the female condom that is preferred by men. The primary reason for this being that the upfront cost of this means of contraception is far less than that of the IUD. Secondly, in spite of the media crying hoarse of the advantages of the IUD, many men feel that this poses a danger to the health of the women. This particular notion has taken root because of the wrong kind of propaganda and the blind acceptance of the words of one’s peers.

However, with the passage of time and more and more women being educated or at least being literate, they are taking a stand on the issue. Besides, products belonging to the U Kare range of products for birth control that are reversible like the Cu 250, Cu 375 etc that not only allow the couple to prolong the time period before the first child or is even useful for spacing between children.

The most important factor that makes it so popular among women is that they can return to their normal fertility level almost immediately after the removal of any of these IUDs.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Reproductive healthcare solutions for Indian women by U-Kare

It is such an irony that in a country like India, where children are considered the gifts of god, there is not much thought spared for the woman who goes into labour and endures hardships when in the process of bringing the child into the world. Apart from the bigger cities, there are a very small number of hospitals and nursing homes that have specialized maternity wards. Also, it is especially seen that in many cases, the midwife is in charge of the whole process of delivering the child and not the doctor who is supposed to be present at the hospital and be in fact the person leading the operation.

Another factor that contributes to the apathy on the part of the overall society in this regards is the devotion towards the male child while females are not much cared for even in their toughest times like the time when they are in labour. The situation is further complicated when the woman gives birth to a girl child. Almost all the problems related to this aspect have a common underlying factor that can be solved with the help of education among the youth more than enforcement.

It is to this end that we at DKT India have been actively working towards. We have a two pronged strategy that aims at increasing awareness among the general youth as well as being more specifically  targeted towards the end users that is the women who will be using these products in order to avoid pregnancies for which they may not be mentally or financially prepared.

With its long standing experience in the field of birth control as well as issues surrounding reproductive health, DKT has earned a high reputation with products that ensure that the women using our products are in the pink of their health.

IUDs as a reliable form of birth control

When it comes to any product that is introduced in the market, whether it is a medicinal product or otherwise, there is a certain amount of scepticism before being accepted in the fold. However, there are certain products that are welcomed into the market with arms thrown wide open and for yet others, it is the case of being guilty, even if proved innocent. The last scenario is what describes the fate of the IUD.

The intrauterine device is a small device that is made of plastic shaped like the alphabet T or U and has been covered in electrolytic copper wire. It is the copper which is present that starts a process that activate the white blood cells which attack the sperm and kill the sperm. The copper also make the mucus lining the uterus thick which prevents the sperm from sticking to the walls of the uterus.

This device is known to be very convenient to use. Although the initial cost that you pay is higher than other methods of contraception, the IUD once inserted stays in the uterus for a minimum of three to a maximum period of ten years. It is this period of validity that makes the cost less than other methods of contraception, which portray a lesser upfront cost. Thus, it is highly beneficial to the woman using it both financially as well as when it comes to health and sanitary conditions.

Moreover, we can see that there are other advantages of using IUDs, which can range from them being safe to use with tampons which the woman may use in the days of menstruation period. Also, contrary to beliefs, even lactating mothers or women who may have had not had children before can easily use the IUD.

U Kare is one of the most scientifically advanced IUDs which have been proven to be effective both in preventing birth as well as with regards to the initial cost that is seemingly high when compared to other methods of contraception.

U Kare has different types of IUDs that have feature like being safe and effective with a pearl index rating of less than one. They have a lower rate of expulsuion and in effect a continuation rate that is higher than other models available in the market.