Sunday, 30 December 2012

U-Kare 250 and U-Kare 375 intrauterine devices

Intrauterine devices are amongst the oldest devices that exist in the market of contraceptive methods that are used by man since the turn of the last century. The device has undergone a lot of changes from the time it first hit the market.

The U Kare  250 sleek is an intrauterine device that has been designed to afford the best of experience to women who choose the U Kare 250 sleek. When you have to either space your next child or put off the decision to have a child for a time when you have the best that you can put aside both financially as well as the time that is required to raise a child.

The U Kare 250 sleek is a specially designed IUD that is small in size and is ideal for the women who are looking to plan their families by putting off the decision to have a child by three years. One of the best things that the sleek affords you is the fact that it has a better rate of compliance when compared to other intrauterine devices. Moreover, this particular IUD has a design that inhibits bleeding which in itself is a feature that can score more brownie points for this product.

The U Kare 375 sleek is a specially designed IUD and is being launched in India for the first time. This is a U shaped IUD and is considered a better option for women who want to put off having a child for upto five years.

In fact, the best thing that can make the above intrauterine devices most desirable to all women desiring to postpone having children is the fact that because of their small size, it has been deemed to be fit to be used even on nulliparous women. Additionally, couples who are planning to put off having their first baby for economic or other considerations, can consider this option as ideal for the short term.

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