Friday, 4 January 2013

IUDs as a reliable form of birth control

When it comes to any product that is introduced in the market, whether it is a medicinal product or otherwise, there is a certain amount of scepticism before being accepted in the fold. However, there are certain products that are welcomed into the market with arms thrown wide open and for yet others, it is the case of being guilty, even if proved innocent. The last scenario is what describes the fate of the IUD.

The intrauterine device is a small device that is made of plastic shaped like the alphabet T or U and has been covered in electrolytic copper wire. It is the copper which is present that starts a process that activate the white blood cells which attack the sperm and kill the sperm. The copper also make the mucus lining the uterus thick which prevents the sperm from sticking to the walls of the uterus.

This device is known to be very convenient to use. Although the initial cost that you pay is higher than other methods of contraception, the IUD once inserted stays in the uterus for a minimum of three to a maximum period of ten years. It is this period of validity that makes the cost less than other methods of contraception, which portray a lesser upfront cost. Thus, it is highly beneficial to the woman using it both financially as well as when it comes to health and sanitary conditions.

Moreover, we can see that there are other advantages of using IUDs, which can range from them being safe to use with tampons which the woman may use in the days of menstruation period. Also, contrary to beliefs, even lactating mothers or women who may have had not had children before can easily use the IUD.

U Kare is one of the most scientifically advanced IUDs which have been proven to be effective both in preventing birth as well as with regards to the initial cost that is seemingly high when compared to other methods of contraception.

U Kare has different types of IUDs that have feature like being safe and effective with a pearl index rating of less than one. They have a lower rate of expulsuion and in effect a continuation rate that is higher than other models available in the market.

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