Monday, 14 January 2013

U-Kare for avoiding unplanned pregnancies

There is no denial about the benefits of family planning and specially with the per capita income our country has, smaller the family, the easier it will be to nurture it. A planned family can help a couple to look out for their children and themselves. It is furthermore a benefit for every individual’s health and the complete financial well-being of the collective unit of the family.

Further, the right kind of contraception is not only a part of family planning but the proper access to it also lowers maternal and infant mortality rates. For women, contraception is not just a birth control method but also a health care necessity. It then becomes a responsibility of understanding about contraception and birth control, which is highly uncommon with still prevalent rudimentary ideology among a very huge mass of people.

Sex is the highest taboo for conversations and thus the right knowledge never reaches to millions and millions. DKT India has been able to make a small dent in spreading contraception awareness among people. DKT’s brand of KARE IUDs boasts of being the best possible solution to help curb unplanned pregnancies. Kare IUDs are the best in class birth control methods, by far. While being a long term solution, they are flexible to be a reversible choice and practically without any side effects.

The major force behind the promoting IUDs as an excellent solution for India is a collection of factors that can score well with the masses of India, irrespective of their sex or economical and social background. After all, India though being a land of contrasting diversities is also very much similar when it comes to the social fabric. Whether it is the remotest villages in the foothills of the Himalayas or the southernmost tips of India, the basic mental setup is still a common binding factor.

The IUD has proven itself to be the most beneficial for the woman’s health. This is because of the facts that have helped quell the many misconceptions that were making the rounds not just in India but also the world.In far fledged areas, they don’t have to keep on travelling to the doctor or the health care providers, which is the case when it comes to short term contraceptives. The Kare brand of IUDs come with a minimum period of three to a maximum span of ten years. This combined with the overall cost efficiency has a higher possibility of being successful in India in the years to come.


  1. unplanned pregnancy and the thought of having an abortion can sometimes be terrifying.

  2. It is really necessary to have the plannings for pregnancy . Otherwise is will be a difficult situation. The best one is the technique of pregnancy planning which assures almost 99.99% success.