Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reversible Birth Control Methods

A large load is placed on the dwindling natural resources that we have access to when there is an addition in the size of population. This heavy load is further enhanced with the lower rate of mortality, which means that we tend live longer in these post modern times than many of our predecessors. Hence, in order to reduce or at least maintain the pressure without enhancing it further, we have to prevent further additions to the overall population of the earth.

It is in this endeavour that family planning strategies are formulated which will help prevention of births that will introduce extra mouths to feed, on both the micro (individual/family) as well as macro (national and global) level. There are many ways of contraception that are available in the western world. However, not all of them are available in India. One of the reasons that plays an important role in contributing towards this is that the lower rate of literacy as well as dependence of the women on the men to decide on the kind of birth control to be adopted.

When we talk of birth control, we can see that it is almost always the man of the house that decides on the kind of contraception that will be used to that end. Almost always, it is the male condom and the female condom that is preferred by men. The primary reason for this being that the upfront cost of this means of contraception is far less than that of the IUD. Secondly, in spite of the media crying hoarse of the advantages of the IUD, many men feel that this poses a danger to the health of the women. This particular notion has taken root because of the wrong kind of propaganda and the blind acceptance of the words of one’s peers.

However, with the passage of time and more and more women being educated or at least being literate, they are taking a stand on the issue. Besides, products belonging to the U Kare range of products for birth control that are reversible like the Cu 250, Cu 375 etc that not only allow the couple to prolong the time period before the first child or is even useful for spacing between children.

The most important factor that makes it so popular among women is that they can return to their normal fertility level almost immediately after the removal of any of these IUDs.

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