Wednesday, 23 January 2013

U-Kare 375 Sleek: Painless protection for 5 years

When it comes to choosing a contraceptive there are many things that you should consider. Not just things like the features of the product but also your own convenience and what is the best thing that you want from your choice of the IUD that you will spend the next five years with.

It calls for a look at the features that are peculiar to this product and which make it a solution with the least hassles to put your effort of pushing the childbirth further on ‘autopilot’. This is possible because of low chances of expulsion which is possible because of its sleek design.

Another most important feature of this product is that the women do not complain as much pain as in other IUDs, which results in lesser instances of removal before the full term that the device is supposed to be there in the uterus which is five years for the sleek. Bleeding which is another cause for concern in other IUDs is also reduced to the minimal, which makes it a favoured choice amongst the IUDs.

Last but not the least this model is favourable to both parous as well as nulliparous women. This is evident from the results that were taken from a survey in the years 2001

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