Tuesday, 15 January 2013

U-Kare and IUDs in a nut shell

Man has been known to master the environs gifted to him since times immemorial. Humans have always strived to grow more and reach out to touch things that are either out of reach of others as well as think of solutions that are above and beyond the obvious. A good example of this could be that when it rains, there are animals that just stand their ground and then there are others which seek shelters. However, man took both these approaches and invented the umbrella. This combines the good of both approaches.

Intrauterine devices are one such out of the box solution which is a part of the whole concept of artificial means to contraception. These devices are used either for preventing or postponing the birth of a child. There may be more than one reason for taking such a decision which could range from social to financial or even physical and mental. An intrauterine device is one of the best means possible that can be used to the end of prevention of birth as well as control of population growth.

Our range of the U Kare intrauterine devices are designed to provide not just the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and spacing  between children but also the level of comfort that women had lost because of the misconceptions that were rampant and which caused many people to shun the whole concept of the intra uterine device in its totality.

The U Kare range of IUDs have different products with different features that make them unique in their own way and yet share the same level of comfort across the entire product range. Whether it is the U Kare 250, U Kare 250 sleek or the U Kare 375 U Kare 375 Sleek  which gives a ten year protection to the woman, they have their own unique set of attributes which make them long lasting and cost effective methods of reversible contraception. 

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