Friday, 4 January 2013

Reproductive healthcare solutions for Indian women by U-Kare

It is such an irony that in a country like India, where children are considered the gifts of god, there is not much thought spared for the woman who goes into labour and endures hardships when in the process of bringing the child into the world. Apart from the bigger cities, there are a very small number of hospitals and nursing homes that have specialized maternity wards. Also, it is especially seen that in many cases, the midwife is in charge of the whole process of delivering the child and not the doctor who is supposed to be present at the hospital and be in fact the person leading the operation.

Another factor that contributes to the apathy on the part of the overall society in this regards is the devotion towards the male child while females are not much cared for even in their toughest times like the time when they are in labour. The situation is further complicated when the woman gives birth to a girl child. Almost all the problems related to this aspect have a common underlying factor that can be solved with the help of education among the youth more than enforcement.

It is to this end that we at DKT India have been actively working towards. We have a two pronged strategy that aims at increasing awareness among the general youth as well as being more specifically  targeted towards the end users that is the women who will be using these products in order to avoid pregnancies for which they may not be mentally or financially prepared.

With its long standing experience in the field of birth control as well as issues surrounding reproductive health, DKT has earned a high reputation with products that ensure that the women using our products are in the pink of their health.


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